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3YS Owls are a boutique corporate governance firm with a passionate team of professionals who will work with you to provide all of your governance needs.

What is corporate governance?

Conceptually a governance framework is a structure that sits around an organisation that defines clear roles and responsibilities on how it is managed and controlled. Governance is an emerging and ever-changing framework to ensure the demands and needs of all stakeholders are met. There is no single definition of governance: it is culmination of principles, policies, controls, accountability and transparency.

Governance can be structured around three key pillars which forms the basis for our YS Governance Framework.

3YS Owls Corporate Governance Framework

Strategy and Leadership

Do you have a clear strategic plan that everyone understands? Do you have a board and/or leadership team with the right mix of skills to execute that strategy?

Culture and People

Do you have the right culture and people practices that drive the right behaviour and performance? Are you attracting, retaining and incentivising people to achieve the strategic goals and objectives?

Operations, Risk and Compliance

Has the strategy been operationalised with the right systems and frameworks in place to identify, manage and monitor risk and compliance?

What makes our governance framework different?

Built for Growth and Scale

Governance and risk frameworks that are built to grow with your business.

Flexible Approach

We have a flexible approach to develop and optimise a holistic governance framework.

Tailored Solutions

Governance that can be easily tailored to the size and maturity of your business.

Strong Focus on Governance

We have a strong focus on governance – to create an ethical environment that supports an inclusive culture. Boards and leadership teams need to be cohesive, able to harness a diversity of views and foster good governance.

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Governance Top 100

3YS Owls are very excited to announce the winners of the 2023 Governance Top 100 event, celebrating the top governance professionals across the country and shining a light on a profession that we are so proud to be a part of. Congratulations to all of the finalists and our winner for 2023, Alicia Morris, General Counsel & Company Secretary of Australian Vintage Limited, pictured at Nasdaq MarketSite, Times Square, New York.

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