Leadership, Culture, WH&S & Workers Compensation Claims with Lana Woltman

Leadership, Culture, WH&S & Workers Compensation Claims with Lana Woltman

Episode 13 - Shownotes

In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson explore with Lana Woltman – Owner | Lawyer | Legal Consultant – Lana Woltman Consulting - Leadership and the qualities we consider make someone a great leader; the importance of having a clear vision, direction, strategy and communicating this to your team; workplace culture - that it starts from the top down and how to build a great culture; WH&S, workers’ compensation claims; the importance of training staff and managing and mitigating risk; Lana’s journey to becoming a lawyer and the power of confidence and mental resilience.

Take, for example, somebody in a heavy manual labour type job where the risks are very high every day simply because they're moving, they're around heavy objects, and they have to use their physical capabilities to do their job, as opposed to somebody like me who sits at a desk every day and I operate a mouse and I type. And so, the risks in each respective role are completely different.

How to lift safely in the workplace, I've had heaps of training on all of this stuff but it's not enough to just train either just like what you said, Ainslie. You then have to be making sure that people are complying with the things that you've taught them. You have to make sure that your managers and that you're leader is monitoring staff and if they're noticing that certain procedures, ways of doing things, are not being safely adhered to that the person is being pulled up. And it's not a written warning type of situation as far as I'm concerned. It's seek first to understand: did you actually understand that this is what this policy is that you've signed?

Because if not let's sit down and have a conversation about it. This is why it's dangerous. These are the types of claims that we are aware of that people bring in, workers' compensation claims or public liability claims, and this is the outcome. If you are injured, or if you hurt somebody else, or if you make the wrong decision, this is your liability as well as the company's. Policies, procedures, codes of conduct, training, but then following up the amount of times that companies have these great policies in place who are, "Oh, no, we've trained somebody".

Lana Woltman

Summary of episode
  • The Lawyers Lawyer
  • Personal injuries claims management
  • The importance of risk management, WH&S from a PI Lawyers perspective
  • Workplace culture
  • Leadership
  • Vision / Direction
  • Embedding policies and procedures
  • Confidence
  • Workers compensation claims
  • The importance of social media and why if you don't have a strong strategy you will be left behind
  • Diversity
About Lana Woltman

Lana is an experienced personal injury and insurance litigation Lawyer and has worked in this space since 2012.

Lana worked for three national firms prior to being poached by a premier Gold Coast commercial law firm to set up their personal injuries practice.

Lana has recently launched her own Legal Consultancy business after seeing a gap in the market. Lana now refers to herself as The Lawyers Lawyer - her mission is to help plaintiff personal injury lawyers and law firms achieve outstanding outcomes by providing experienced, high quality legal consulting, locum tenens, coaching, training and mentoring services.

Lana is the first to admit, she is not your typical lawyer. With a creative background, Lana has used her creativity not only in her legal practice, but also to build a very strong online social media presence which has attracted a huge amount of attention.

Lana believes that simply knowing the law is no longer enough to excel in the legal profession. According to Lana, lawyers now need to be multifaceted, with a broad range of skills to excel.

Lana is a passionate advocate for positive change in the legal profession, she thrives on raising other up, celebrating the success of her peers, and bringing the business community together to create long term relationships.

Lana wants to be an example that by making your own opportunities, being your most authentic self, having confidence and being fearless, that you can create something truly remarkable for your life.

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