Global Operational Management in Highly Regulated Industries with Anne Parkin

Global Operational Management in Highly Regulated Industries with Anne Parkin

Episode 7 - Shownotes

In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson interview Anne Parkin, an executive director of Queensland Treasury Corporation with over 25 years board experience and global banking, securities trading and superannuation experience. We discussed Anne’s journey and some of the challenges and celebrations that have led her to become an International industry leader in operational management of high-level financial transactions in a highly regulated multi-jurisdictional industry.

I joined QTC about four years ago, and they were just starting down a major project. They've basically changed all their systems, their processes, their operating structure, their change management, their people management, they've won awards in HR magazines. They get their surveys of staff and feedback are phenomenal. They kept them very well informed. They gave a lot of training and talked about what needed to be done. They celebrated all the successes and they just went ahead, and it's a very, very good culture. It's comes down to obviously the CEO and his senior people around him.

Anne Parkin

Summary of episode
  • Culture
  • Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Working in investment banking in Asia
  • The challenges faced by start-ups
  • Operational Management
  • Advisory Boards
  • Business continuity planning
  • Implementation of three global systems
  • Virtual Annual General Meetings
  • Problem solving
  • Board reporting
About Anne Parkin

Anne offers over 25 years of board level experience in global banking, securities trading and superannuation spanning across the Asia-Pacific region. As an experienced Non-Executive Director and Chair of Boards, Anne has provided leadership and expertise in operations, risk management, operating in multiple regulatory environments, global client management and project delivery to guide regulated entities, start-ups, government and SMEs.

She is recognised as an international industry leader with deep expertise and operational management of high-level financial transactions and highly regulated and multi-jurisdictional industry. She is a strong leader in multicultural workplaces or springing a strong tactical overlay and commercial acumen while maintaining a high level of personal integrity. Anne supports business development whilst ensuring compliance. Her key professional achievements are many and include the successful implementation of three global systems, each project budget greater than $50 million, in APAC, within budget, on time and with no adverse client impact. Another project led to the reduction of unfunded liability in state superannuation fund, which was forecast to save $17.3 million in year 1 and up to $500 million by year 10, reducing the unfunded liability by $1.5 billion.

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