Achieve diversity & equality by breaking the gender code with Danielle Dobson

Achieve diversity & equality by breaking the gender code with Danielle Dobson

Episode 22 - Shownotes

In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson interview Danielle Dobson. Danielle is the founder of Code Conversations™ an author, speaker, coach, and advocate. We explore with Danielle her extensive experience in coaching and the interviews and research that led her to write her book – breaking the gender code. We discuss with Danielle the gender code in detail, together with the importance of conducting a gender pay gap audit and the positive benefits that parenting have on becoming a better leader.

So, using that data, Bank West Curtin Centre has come up with, the latest 2020 Insights Report shows us that there's a direct causal link between having more women in senior leadership roles and key management roles, and the performance of your business. So, in terms of profitability, business performance, and productivity. And I've got the numbers here so that I'm completely accurate. So, if there's an increase of 10% or more for women in higher level management positions and boards and senior roles, the ASX listed companies, this report shows that there's a 4.9% increase in company market value. And that can equate to 78.5 million Australian dollars.

So, I mean, the numbers are in. And appointing a female CEO, there's a 12.9% increase of outperforming equivalent organisations in the sector by three or more different metrics. And I mean, I could go on. But now we can find causal links. So, this is relatively new, and it's ground-breaking and it's a world first report, because for a long time, there's been the sense, and there's been some evidence, but it hasn't been as rigorously put together and scrutinised. And using, like I mentioned, longitudinal data.

So, Julia Gillard, when she was the Prime Minister, instigated and created this measure. And so, we have years of research. So, in terms of bottom line, because we like evidence, we like data. We like to have the real numbers to help us understand the real true impact of having gender diversity, so we've got it now.

Danielle Dobson

Summary of episode
About Danielle Dobson

Danielle is an author, speaker, coach, and advocate. As a CPA with extensive 14-year corporate experience, Danielle has covered everything from private practice to multinationals, and has lived and worked in four countries, identifying the high level of stress and overwhelm experienced personally, and by working mothers. Danielle wanted to make a difference, and seven years ago, pivoted from her corporate career to helping working mothers find more freedom and fulfillment though coaching in wellbeing.

Her experience with her coaching clients told her that the answer wasn't purely in wellbeing. There was something else that is holding professional women back from having the lives they really want. Driven by the mission to find answers to why the daily juggle for balance between work and life is so elusive for women in high pressure roles, she interviewed over 50 women and a few good men in leadership positions across a diverse range of industries. Through this work, Danielle learned what works in helping women use what they already have to get what they actually want. And she shares this in her book, breaking the gender code.

Now Danielle uses this body of work and experience to help women to break free from the gender code that has been holding them back. Working with individuals and organisations, she creates clear pathways for women to unlock their full potential and step into positions of leadership and influence, without excessive self-judgment and parent guilt.

Danielle also helps organisations understand the impact of the gender code in their business, so they can leverage the power of the high performing women they already have, attract the right female leaders into their organisation, develop a competitive advantage over industry rivals, and boost their bottom line performance.

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