Customer engagement, risk vs. value creation & go-to-market with Craig Manson

Customer engagement, risk vs. value creation & go-to-market with Craig Manson

Episode 14 - Shownotes

In this episode of YS Up Governance and Boards Podcast, 3YS Owls Governance Consultants, Ainslie Cunningham and Deb Anderson explore with Craig Manson his wealth of experience as a Company Board Director and Advisory Board Chair and Managing Director/CEO across Technology, Consumer Goods, FMCG and Financial Services; customer engagement; compensated and uncompensated risk; risk vs. value creation; go-to-market and some of the current challenges facing boards and directors.

Uncompensated risk is the usual characters isn't it. It's a financial work health and safety, those types of risk. Cyber risks, brand risk, reputational risk, those types of things which boards 100% have to be all over all the time. And you just there's no escaping the fact that those uncompensated risks have to be managed and mitigated incredibly well. That's the board's role. It’s the compensated risks that I often see boards not really focusing on, which is that value creation. Drucker was always talking about: “you have to take certain kinds of risks” because you’ve got to take risks to grow business, and it's the uncompensated risk that lead to higher revenue, higher profits, better ways of doing business, high valuations for organisations. By doing different and unique things, they're compensated risks that I feel don't get enough attention on boards and deserve a lot more attention.

Craig Manson

Uncompensated and compensated risk
by Craig Manson


Summary of episode
  • Compensated and uncompensated risk
  • Cyber risk, brand risk, reputational risk
  • Culture
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • Governance boards v Advisory boards
  • Virtual board meetings
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Commercial ‘go to market’
  • Mentoring Tech start-ups
About Craig Manson

Craig is an experienced Company Board Director and Advisory Board Chair with over 10 years board experience across the private sector and 20 years’ experience at Managing Director/CEO level in Technology, Consumer Goods, FMCG and Financial Services. This included 5 years on the Global Strategic Planning team for a $35bn global tech company. Key areas of expertise;

  • Commercial ‘go to market’
  • Culture and leadership
  • Strategy development and delivery
  • Customer engagement
  • M&A and capital raising
  • Change, growth, transformation

Craig currently sits on the Boards of Marketboomer Pty Ltd, Toustone Pty Ltd, Alex Pty Ltd (interim Chair) and Respond Global Pty Ltd. Craig is on three Advisory Boards.

In addition to the Board roles Craig owns a boutique advisory firm Manson & Co. specialising in commercialisation and go-to-market, strategic transformation, and general advisory work across Australia, Europe, Asia.

Craig mentors start-ups in the local community at the Peregian Tech Hub and globally through Earth Tech Ventures and sits on the Earth Tech Ventures Investment Committee.

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